Senior Thesis 2020

Before quarantine started, I often had visitors in my studio and cherished the opportunity to share my world with them. Thank you for visiting my Senior Thesis 2020 page which is meant to be much like a visit to my studio and an insight into my process until I can exhibit my thesis in person. By the time I physically exhibit this thesis, there will have been much more work made, and I'm excited at the prospect of discovering it and sharing it with all of you! In the meantime, I appreciate you coming here to see what I have put a lot of time and effort into in the past year. This is a project which is truly personal and significant to me yet is also meant to be shared and experienced by everyone. I hope you enjoy what is here, and I look forward to continuing this process through the summer and seeing you face-to-face soon. 

* * * Pandemic allowing, I will be installing my thesis in the Barrington Gallery at Gordon in August, and there will be a reception in October. I will update this page with any relevant dates and changes, but for the quickest way to receive updates, please follow @kathrynnerysart on Instagram!

In-Process Artist's Statement - To Be Continued!

As I’ve considered how our relationship to place impacts our way of being, I have been searching for a way to share with others the experience of taking on multiple places and having those places become a part of the fabric of who we are. While transitioning home after studying abroad last year, I started to take on and live out what I had learned about the deep connections we are capable of having with people and places. I started to realize that I could develop that same level of connection with the present and that developing those connections with many places - not only the ones I was longing for - would enable me to embody all that I had come to dearly love and to love all that I had not yet embodied. This time of discovering who I had changed into after such a significant experience led to my idea for an installation which combines the elements of many places into one, dynamic, cohesive space, causing those who engage with it to experience what it is like to embody multiple places.

However, my process in the last few months has been transformed by being in isolation. Instead of solely working on the installation idea which flowed from my experiences pre-quarantine, I am now making prints that speak to the tension of being locked down while having been changed by many places. Soon, we will all be together again having been changed by a shared experience of encountering the unfamiliar - this strange place that stunts and grows, brings grief and beauty, and is utterly exhausting to encounter. Perhaps we will eventually find that it is one of the many places that speaks into the fabric of who we are. My hope is that my work pre- and post-quarantine will be in dialogue together - that this current place will speak to the places I’ve embodied and that those places will help me embody this place.