kathryn berchin, artist

Hi there! I am a printmaker in the North Shore of Massachusetts, finishing my last semester as an art student at Gordon College in Wenham. With recent global experience and countless hours spent in the studio over the past year, I believe that art is a process and a way of life - enabling us to positively engage with our surroundings and with one another. For this reason, my goal is to make art affordable and accessible to those who are looking for a rich and authentic way of spending time in community through printmaking and other art mediums. 

My passion is not only printmaking and connecting with the materials of that process, but also bringing the process of art discovery to others and helping people of all ages realize their capacity to encounter the world around them in an artful way. I am currently working on a few ideas which will merge the nuances of everyday life with exciting art processes, connecting tangible modes of learning with the realities from which we all come from. 

{COVID-19 Update: As I graduate, my plans for actively making art in community have been temporarily derailed, but I'm continuing with my art practice from home and have been working remotely with my fellow seniors on our thesis projects. For a look at what I've been up to since the lock-down began, please visit my updated gallery page and check out my recently added "Thesis 2020" page to see some thesis work and be updated on progress and exhibition possibilities. Thank you for your support, and I hope to be able to continue sharing the creative process with others in person soon!}


To keep up with news and announcements about said ideas and things I'm working on in the studio, please follow @kathrynnerysart on Instagram and connect via www.linkedin.com/in/knerysart.

Thank you for visiting!